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Wednesday, September 28 2011

It was day two of the upstairs floor installation project, and for the second morning in a row, Gretchen and I woke up in the basement master bedroom, which is normally only used by guests. Enough progress had been made on the installation (which was nearing completion in the living room and beginning to enter the bedroom) that I didn't feel the need to access the laboratory via ladder. I'd actually found the ladder somewhat of a convenience, and if I ever run out of projects it might be good to have more of a permanent way to get to the laboratory from outside.
It was good not to have to use the ladder given the weather: it was yet another extremely rainy day. It's actually been too rainy even for mushrooms, which seem to be turning into puddles of slime before they can even send off their spores. The weather seems to have eliminated all hope of a colorful autumn. Trees seem to be shedding their leaves prematurely. They've gone from green directly to sickly speckled brown. This is, I'm told, also the way autumn works in Western Europe.
By five o'clock, the guys were done, leaving us with an impressive new upstairs. They'd finished a lot of details that I'd never gotten around to addressing, particularly around the stairway. They'd actually overdone the finishing of the bedroom closet, having not left room for a soffit that goes around a hydronic pipe. The one problem with the installers had been that they weren't very communicative; it's good that I'd told them about the other soffits so they didn't install molding back in there as well.
Once Gretchen got home, it didn't take us long to move our stuff back out onto the new floor. Even wrestling the sofa back upstairs from the living room didn't seem as difficult as getting it down there had been. With the stuff all gone from the laboratory, I could once more enjoy its only very recent uncluttered spaciousness.

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