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   September 2011

01: false hope beeping - Our smoke detectors indicate the brief presence of gird power. Also, I begin cleaning the garage for the first time in years.
02: big day at the dump - Did everyone get bored in the prolonged blackout caused by Hurricane Irene and decide to clean out their garages?
03: houseguests with no power - Gretchen's childhood friend is visiting us despite the lack of modern amenities.
04: power back on Dug Hill Road - But no thanks to the copper wire looters.
05: powerlines and pseudoephedrine - And why are phone lines so resiliant?
06: new laboratory door - Just another part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
07: master of door technology - And I watch the film The Road.
08: yet another September storm - A warm deluge followed by a power outage and yet more flooding.
09: wall palimpsest - Replacing a shelving unit, I leave a ghost of what had been there.
10: Sisyphean sand - It kept washing out of a retaining wall and I kept shoveling it back, until, hopefully, today.
11: wall palimpsest - Replacing a shelving unit, I leave a ghost of what had been there.
12: a Microsoft wizard actually does something - Like getting the last drinkable glass of water from a Roman aqueduct in the year 476.
13: briefly broken vise - When one of my most useful tools breaks, I immediately fire up the welder.
14: Apple: king of upgrades - And I complain about Microsft...
15: scotch over bourbon - Breaking free of familial influences with regard to booze.
16: no sports for me, lots for her - How my sport interests differ from those of my wife.
17: Gilded Otter - Younger and cooler than the Hurley Mountain Inn. But at least they have a bad IPA.
18: hole saw excess - I make my shelving look a little more interesting with two and four inch holes.
19: clock of death - My Dad has a heart attack and I start work on a Hackintosh.
20: interesting a mouse - Also, visiting the site of another person who is interested in creative architecture.
21: gear harvesting - Things to do with an old busted CD player.
22: Gene Ween in Woodstock - Also, the beginning of the film festival.
23: fraught with unresponsiveness - I get an Android tablet. And I also build a very large skateboard as a laboratory storage solution.
24: human popup ad - A not-especially-compelling documentary at the Woodstock Film Festival.
25: freedom of books - There's a world of pirate epub books on Bittorrent.
26: silently past the Coopers Hawk - I bike down Dug Hill Road for the first time ever.
27: new floor: pretty but springy - Also, watching Sister Wives in the laboratory.
28: new floor done - Also: autumn leaves turning directly from green to brown due to the weather.
29: plans for a prismatic shelving unit - Also: carpentry with salvaged metal from a CD drive.
30: shelf trusses - In a more complicated shelving unit, it might be best to start with a skeleton of trusses.