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   October 2012

01: level one would want a convenient shelf to be - 27 inches above the floor and in need of drywall.
02: leaves stuck to wet surfaces - The unique misery of early autumn rain.
03: Obama's chance to put Romney away - The first Romney-Obama debate of 2012 and nothing is easy.
04: last glass of the greenhouse upstairs - Also, a hangover experience of a rare day of Republican celebration.
05: after a 20 year rust belt malaiase - Two more eateries with tempeh options speaks of a possible revival of Kingston, NY.
06: vernal inertia - Shorts and flip-flops on an outing in Uptown Kingston in early October. Also, I get pulled over by a cop for the first time in eight years.
07: stray dog in Old Hurley - A bike ride takes me to a scene of spontaneous concern for animals.
08: first firewood fire of 2012 - After another evening of rock gathering.
09: garlic patch installed - And no, this is not the name of a software patch for Debian.
10: out of the house as a couple - Some Italian food and grumbling about the houseguest.
11: such a tonic - Watching Joe Biden debate Paul Ryan
12: maximizing drywall - For maximum thermal mass. Also, a warning of the first frost of the season.
13: first frost of Fall, 2012 - Also, a housewarming in Hurley and a rare meal at the Hurley Mountain Inn.
14: convincing fake chicken - My first experience with Beyond Meat.
15: two people days ruined by Mavis simultaneously - Mavis Discount Tire ruins another perfectly good autumn day, though this time for Gretchen and me simultaneously.
16: please proceed, Governor - Finally Obama brings it to Mitt Romney.
17: when measurements beat tracing - Trying to copy the pattern of a large piece of corrugated plastic.
18: what fast service at Mavis is like - It involves Gretchen calling them up and yelling at them while I'm driving over.
19: anachronistic meals in Rosendale - Evidently people are still eating steaks the size of romance novels.
20: conjuring gossip - Talking about a woman behind her back causes her to spring into existence in Woodstock's only vegan restaurant.
21: naked in a respirator - How to sand drywall.
22: masking ugliness with color - White drywall is difficult to keep from looking shabby.
23: marijuana super power - Watching Colbert and reading the minds of critters while stoned.
24: soldering in the rain - A swing lamp requires corrections to its sloppy solder joints.
25: decarceration - We declare an end to Ramona's knee-recuperation isolation.
26: pseudoephedrine vs. rock - It turns out the latter is a little better for artistic inspiration.
27: transition from cavelike - Yet more finishing work in the greenhouse upstairs, this time involving an application of marginal portland cement.
28: brownhouse photos at the kiosk - I have a need for tangible photographs for the first time in eight or nine years.
29: Frankenstorm - Hunkering down and losing power, but mostly all we get is some strong wind.
30: day after Frankenstorm - The power comes back on while I am in Kingston using internet at a coffee shop.
31: storm surges along the Hudson - Seeing the lower Rondout and hearing about the lower Esopus.