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   September 2012

01: brown spots in the bed - An unexpected downside to the cone of shame.
02: fecal limits - Mouse turds, shit-daubing anal glands, and the constant output of the Baby.
03: we all hope to produce with the carpentry skills - We want orthogonal, but sometimes we must settle for less.
04: superglue where the staple had been - Sally falls down the stairs and Ramona pops a rivet.
05: Sally decides to go - How we said goodbye and sent her on her way.
06: Thursday evening bustle - Discovering the Bleecker Street neighborhood west of 6th Avenue in the Greenwich Village.
07: state of southern culture - Watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.
08: three social even Saturday - Home, Rosendale, and Rhinebeck. Avoided square dancing, unavoided smooth jazz, and no Slayer.
09: pickle in the red sauce - Also, centrifugally-flung dog shit and covering lots of surfaces with plastic.
10: prerequisite supplies for a glazing - Wonderboard and treated lumber and why I need to finish the interior of a sun box before installing the glass.
11: more of a shadow than a dog - Surprising myself by how much I miss Sally.
12: knee negligence - Not only does Ramona remove her own incision staples, but this morning she takes herself for a three quarter mile run.
13: experience not to exceed - Pseudoephedrine while I'm alone at home.
14: shit that had surely been flung everywhere - But all I find is a raisin-sized nugget. Also, the need for a small deck.
15: crack disappears - Rosendale for sandwiches and rummage saling.
16: greenhouse upstairs deck frame - Also, actually cleaning the bathtub after I bathe.
17: Queen of Versailles - We watch this great documentary in Woodstock.
18: champagne from the back of the fridge - Gretchen discovers her book-length poetry book is going to be published.
19: glazed catform - Installing glass and steps for the greenhouse upstairs.
20: better matches from the large field of rubble - Also, Mitt Romney in brownface.
21: absorbed by the vastness - BRAWL loses a lot of its usual energy in the boundless space of BSP.
22: open house at the seed libary - Afternoon and evening with some hard-core seed savers.
23: high R-value knee wall - Glum from a change in the weather, I start a new painting.
24: Shortcut from the Yardsale - I finish a big painting.
25: hauling drywall with a Subaru - I build a hauling platform in the Home Depot parking lot.
26: an actual use for duct tape - Holding unfaced insulation between rafters long enough for me to install a vapor barrier.
27: kayak hauling - I pick up Deborah's kayaks, which she sold to us prior to moving yet again.
28: all mistakes are fixable - The joy of working with drywall.
29: interrupt-driven environment - Why interactive programming is only good for solving small computer challenges.
30: twice in the hailstorm - Things that happen while getting nutritional yeast for a noodle bake.