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Friday, September 14 2012
Ramona has been unhelpful at going piss or poop on demand, so today I thought I'd just leave her penned up out on the East deck while I walked Eleanor in the woods. The moment I put her out there, she pissed between the planks, and I was so happy I immediately brought her in and put her in her indoor corral, the place she most wants to be. But then when I went to take Eleanor on her walk, I didn't even make it to the Farm Road before I could heard the unmistakable sounds of Ramona having an uncomfortable bowel movement. So I ran back inside to deal with the shit that had surely been flung everywhere. But by the time I got to her, she'd eaten all of it except for a raisin-sized nugget. Lovely.
At times today I took breaks from my web development (which was sporadic at best) to work on the greenhouse upstairs. Most of this involved applying layers of Portland cement to the interior of the catform, thought I also started work building the joist framework for a four foot by four foot deck that will go just outside the door to the greenhouse upstairs. There has to be some sort of deck there because the door is well above the level of the ground. At the door it's only a foot or two above grade, but just south of the door the terrain falls away dramatically at a retaining wall and I will have to build some easy way up that wall to the deck (right now I scramble up the retaining wall using the stepped south-facing edge of the greenhouse's west foundation wall).
After Gretchen came back from the City (she brought back several delicious sandwiches she'd gotten at a vegan food truck called The Cinnamon Snail), I drove out to Home Depot to get some supplies to help me with building the deck and the steps up to it. This included a ten foot four by four that I can cut into two pillars, two eight foot two by twelves that I can cut into stair treads, and a pair of pre-cut pressure-treated stringers capable of scaling four feet in six steps. I'll actually need to climb 54 vertical inches in total, though I'll probably make some of the staircase using bluestone.

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