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Friday, September 28 2012
Gretchen had a number of social errands to run down in Manhattan today (including meeting the 27 year old girlfriend of her old girlfriend Barbara), and that left me alone with the dogs, cats, and occasional torrential downpours that swept through. Throughout the day, I managed to improve an AJAX live search query and build some better fail-overs in the copying of data from one table to another, but most of today's accomplishments were in the greenhouse upstairs, where I hung four sheets of drywall, three of which contained one or more holes cut for outlets The holes in the ceiling sheets (which most of these were) were circular in shape and difficult to accurately position, but I got them to within about a half inch of where they needed to be, which is accurate enough when dealing with easily-correctable drywall. The only serious gotcha in the installation came when I tried to ram a slightly-too-long sheet into a ceiling position near the east end of the ceiling. Drywall doesn't like being flexed, and in the process I managed to break loose a piece the size of playing card. But again, all mistakes are fixable when working with drywall. I fixed as many such mistakes as soon as they happened, and also taped and did preliminary spackling of the joints and screw heads. It felt like I was making great progress, which shouldn't have seemed surprising given how small the space is.

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