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Sunday, September 2 2012
We drank our Sunday morning coffee in Ramona's first floor office prison cell, despite the fact that it smells increasingly of anal glands and urine (she usually only pisses at around 6:00am, and, because we're not up to take her our, it goes into the office's carpet). We're still having to spot-clean the places where her dribbling asshole goes, so it's not easy to get completely comfortable with her in her prison cell. But she needs our attention so we hang out with her anyway.
At some point today Gretchen found a flea on herself and so decided to see if it was a fluke (perhaps a flea had jumped onto Ramona during her time at the knee surgery vet) or if we were in the midst of a flea plague. Whenever that test is performed, the answer is inevitably the latter, and so it was today. Eleanor had scads of fleas at the base of her tail and Sally had some too. So we went around giving all the critters doses of that poison stuff one puts between their shoulder blades to kill off the fleas. (We get it in bulk these days and apply it using a metered medicine dropper.) At some point Gretchen also discovered that a mouse had been shitting all over our kitchen counters, a problem exasperated by the fact that my recent kitchen cleanings have been somewhat less than thorough. She gave me an extended lecture on this subject before permitting me to eat the pasta-and-arugula pesto she'd managed to prepare in that nasty kitchen. Between Ramona's shit-daubing anal glands, the constant rain of mouse turds, and the ever-present-shitting-on-the-floor habit of Marie (aka "the Baby") Gretchen was at the fecal limits of what a human can take.

I was able to make some more progress on the catform project of the greenhouse upstairs today. Much of this progress involved installing small specially-cut pieces of plywood on the outside of the south-facing wall so that I could then install the various bits around the catform, particularly its western wall.

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