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Monday, September 3 2012
I finally got around to mowing the grass today (using the weed whacker, as always), and it took about an hour (which is less than usual). As I mowed, I listened to Sound Opinions and learned all about the psychedelic revival music of the Elephant 6 Collective, which led me to download the entire Olivia Tremor Control discography using Vuze and the Bittorrent protocol. I'd heard a few good songs in the Sound Opinions episode, but unfortunately most the songs turned out to be crap.
In the early evening, I managed to put together a surprisingly-complicated two-by-four-framed structure measuring only thirteen by 37 inches. This would be the "roof" of the new catform cantilevered window area of the greenhouse upstairs. What made it tricky to assemble was that it had to reach up around one of the greenhouse roof's rafters. Though this little roof had to end up perfectly flat, the rafter slicing through it would be doing so at a 19 degree angle. Furthermore, this little roof had to reach around the southeast corner of the greenhouse and rest on a narrow little wall extension. All of this would allow the little roof to seal the top part of a cantilevered window box that would both be rising into the area of the below-roof south girder and extending slightly beyond the east wall of the greenhouse.
Unfortunately, though, once I tried putting the new roof into the place it will ultimately occupy, I noticed, after a test fitting with the double-paned glass all of this was designed to accommodate, that a number of small errors had added up into a fairly noticeable one that would make sealing that glass a little tricky unless I'm careful to first force a number of wall planes into slightly improved positions, none of which will produce the perfectly-orthogonal structures we all hope to produce with the carpentry skills we have.

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