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Wednesday, September 19 2012
Communications with the work-related mothership were entirely silent today, freeing me to make more progress on the greenhouse upstairs project. I finished the four foot by four foot deck in front of the door and the glazed in the catform using a large piece of insulated glass, a smaller piece of non-insulated glass, lots of brilliant-white caulk, and a number of small wooden blocks to hold the glass in place from the outside.
Later I worked on the steps up to the new deck. I had two pre-cut stringers capable of rising 40 inches in six steps, but I needed to rise 14 inches more than that, so I cobbled together some odd pieces of bluestone at the bottom (including one very large — though slightly bent — piece) to make the lowest two steps. The flight of steps was immediately usable, though I knew I would have to rework the stones for anything permanent.

The greenhouse. The new steps are visible at left and the catform is in the upper right.

Julius (aka "Stripey") checks out the the catform from the space above an adjacent window.

Stripey inside the catform. I put him there (as there is not yet an easy way for a cat to actually get to it).

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