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Monday, September 10 2012
Today I thought I'd be putting in a solid eight or ten hours doing remote web development, so I took a semi-recreational dose of pseudoephedrine. But Basecamp was quiet for most of the day, and what little work I ended up doing was on a low-priority data migration tool. In the afternoon I drove out to 9W with Eleanor (the only dog who can ride around in the car, the others being either dead or recuperating from knee surgery) and bought some hardware for the greenhouse. I needed seven pressure-treated two by sixes so I can build a small deck outside the door of the new greenhouse upstairs. I also needed yet more spray foam and Wonderboard so I can finish insulating and installing the internal cement walls of the cantilevered "catform" sunbox. Once I install the glass, there won't be room to finish its interior, so all of the messy work with spray foam, tar, caulk, Wonderboard, and Portland cement has to be completed before I can undertake the glazing. The reason I have opted for Wonderboard and Portland cement for the catform's interior is so I can water seedlings in it without concerns about the surfaces. Also: partly because it contains so much actual water, cement is one of the best solid thermal masses available, and without a good thermal mass, the catform sun box will experience wild temperature swings.

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