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Thursday, September 20 2012
Today was another quiet day in the work department, so I was able to finish up the messy bluestone work I'd started yesterday at the bottom of the stairs up to the new greenhouse upstairs. It's easy to hurry when stacking stones, and, when stones are gathered as needed (as had been the case yesterday) there's a tendency to compromise too much with regard to fit. So sometimes it's best to just knock a stone structure down and start from scratch, pulling much better matches from the large field of rubble (or "rock library" as I term it). I sort of did that today, though not completely. The large sheet of slightly-bent bluestone from yesterday ended up being a ground-grade flagstone at the very bottom of the steps.
This evening I went to Home Depot mostly to buy electrical supplies: boxes, outlets, switches, and conduit fittings.

The presidential campaign of Mitt Romney continues to provide a firehose of delicious schadenfreude. For a man who has had so much good fortune in life, he sure seems to suffer from bad luck now. Then again, it isn't all bad luck. His political instincts are terrible. Whether or not Romney is the biggest prick in America, a man who talks and acts like the biggest prick in America can't be too surprised to find some minimum-wage waiter secretly recorded him revealing his true disdain for half the country at a fundraiser. But his circuits (be they organic or silicon) should have accounted for that possibility and he really shouldn't have said what he said. There's a transparency about Romney that makes him especially ill-suited for politics, and it doesn't just come across in the moments when he is being recorded but doesn't know that he is. Take for example his recent appearance before Univision, the television network for the Hispanic demographic, which Republicans have decided to more-or-less concede for this election cycle. Romney can't help himself; it's his nature to pander. But because he knew he'd have nothing substantive he could say to America's Hispanics, his choice was to instead try to look more like them. So evidently he resorted to getting himself a deep dark spray tan so he would look like the caricature of a brown person he evidently carries around in his head. Not being Hispanic, I don't know for sure how their community received this, but I can't imagine it came across as anything other than insulting. Imagine Richard Nixon appearing before the NAACP in blackface!

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