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   Thursday evening bustle
Thursday, September 6 2012
I woke up at 4:00am and couldn't get back to sleep, so I decided to begin my day by attacking some web development tasks. I would be going into Manhattan yet again today, and (as usual) I'd been unable to complete all the tasks I should have completed yesterday, mostly due to unscheduled family tragedy.
Ramona has been reluctant to shit or piss when we take her on a leash out into the yard, and when she does shit it's always a traumatic experience. Evidently her asshole is inflamed and raw, and passing anything like a normal turd out of it is excruciating for her. She whines and yelps and cries every time she tries to poop, usually attacking her ass with her mouth and trying to bit into the fecal matter that is injuring her. This is a strange unanticipated additional layer of trouble on top of the substantial bother of having to keep her penned up for two or three months; hopefully it can be solved soon.
In Kingston, I parked my car in the overflow parking area just as the 8:00 am bus was preparing to leave, though the bus driver was kind enough to wait the four or five additional seconds I needed. Once in the West Village, I went directly to Bagels on the Square and successfully ordered a vegan cream cheese seasame seed bagel. My order was so healthy-sounding to the person waiting on me that he prepared me a whole wheat bagel even though that wasn't what I'd asked for.
Again the day in the office went well, with much work getting completed. It's easier for me at this stage of development because most of the pressure now is on the front end guys and not on me. The grim lectures about timelines that used to focus on me no longer do. As an indication of how pressed for time we now are, today my boss ordered lunch delivered and the company payed for it. (My vegan shitake sandwich wasn't very good, but the ice coffee that came with it was alright.)
At the end of the day, I headed straight back to Port Authority and took the next bus home (it was almost finished boarding as I arrived). This time I was smart enough not to depend on the crappy food options in Port Authority; instead I stopped along the way at a grocery store on Bleecker Street and bought a roast vegetable wrap and an Odwalla Mango Tango. In my walks to and from work, my cartesian sense of direction had always led me to bypass the Bleecker Street neighborhood. But after work when I walked through it, I found its Thursday evening bustle an exhilarating surprise. I'll have to try one of its bars some happy hour when I have the time.

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