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   Shortcut from the Yardsale
Monday, September 24 2012
Intermingled with web development tasks, I worked throughout the day on my new painting of a boy walking out of a dead forest into a lush landscape carrying a marionette. The media was, as always, acrylic paint, though I was painting on an unusually large pre-stretched canvas of 22 by 30 inches that I had primed with black gesso. As often happens when I'm painting a new and especially complex painting, at first I had an overwhelmed feeling, like I wasn't up to to the task. But as always happens when I keep at something, eventually it clicked with me and from there on it was no effort to stay engaged. In some sense the painting painted itself after that. I'm always amazed by how easy it is to create a lush foreground of plants by just dabbing blotches of green and yellow on black canvas. With this painting I was also delighted by how easy it was to fool the mind into thinking a detailed background had been painted by squiggling a dry brush containing very little paint in among other already-painted background features.
By this evening I was pleased enough with it to consider it finished. I also gave it a name: "Shortcut from the Yardsale." I showed it to Gretchen, but since it hails from the creepier side of my painting spectrum, I could tell that she didn't much like it.

Shortcut from the Yardsale. Click to enlarge.

The painting I did back in 1998 that it is based on. Click to enlarge.

When I went to bed, I slept initially with Ramona on her futon in her corral. It's a cramped, not-too-comfortable space for a human, particularly if there is also a dog, so at some point in the night I relocated upstairs.

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