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Thursday, September 13 2012
Gretchen went to the City today for a long list of reasons, leaving me with Ramona, Eleanor, and all the various cats. I like to recreationally indulge in pseudoephedrine when I have the house to myself for an evening, so early in the afternoon I took the 90 mg dose I have learned by experience not to exceed. This time fortunately my accelerated metabolism wasn't entirely wasted; I found myself doing actual paid work in this state.
Later I made myself burritos and hung out with Ramona in her corral to watch programming on the little thirteen inch Sony television I've set up down there (it's hooked up via cables to the DVR in the teevee room, which can be controlled by a remote capable of sending commands via UHF radio signals, technology I didn't even know existed until it was brought to our house by the DishNet installer two and a half years ago).

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