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Thursday, October 11 2012
I have an old 17 inch 1280 by 1024 pixel LCD monitor that recently started acting flaky (and which I replaced with a slightly larger 1920 by 1080 monitor). The other day I ripped it apart and replaced the largest of its capacitors (a 450 volt 100 microfarad electrolytic), though it continued with its flaky behavior. Today I took delivery of a whole set of electrolytic capacitors from Mouser Electronics and I used these to replace the next-size-smaller capacitors in the monitor (~25 volt 680 and 470 microfarad capacitors). None of these capacitors looked to have anything wrong with them, but the flakey behavior of the capacitor suggested a capacitor problem. Had this swap not resulted in a non-flaky monitor, I would have replaced capacitors at the next size-level down (and, if necessary, continued with another level beyond that), but this set of replacements seemed to do the trick. I took the capacitors removed from the monitor and placed them in a container marked "possibly bad," though a non-hoarder would have just thrown them out.

At some point this evening I tuned into the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. It was electric from the moment I began watching. Here at last was a Democrat giving the liars who want to run this country the what-for for the kind of ideas that are so crazy that focus groups refuse to believe they're for real. Ryan was like prevaricatingly truant schoolboy to Biden's charismatic principal. The performance was such a tonic to Obama's weak performance against Romney that I had found myself commenting about it in real time on Facebook. I also couldn't keep from drinking booze as I watched, and ended up drunk enough for Gretchen to remark on my altered behavior.

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