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   end of the illness-free streak?
Wednesday, March 6 2013
When I woke up this morning, I could feel unusual muscous production happening somewhere in the attic of my mouth. This would later lead to a few instances of hacked-up phlegm, semi-productive nose-blows, and even a feeling of weakness in the afternoon that (for a time) had me concerned that I was coming down with a bad illness. Gretchen had been afflicted by something similar a couple days ago, but it seemed to blow over without much suffering. Today it was bad enough for me to decide to cancel some errands in town, though by this evening I was feeling better. I should mention, by the way, that if I had been coming down with an illness, it would have been the first time in years (perhaps since January, 2009). I'm currently on the longest streak of healthiness I've ever had in my life.

This evening Sarah the vegan and Nancy from down in Old Hurley came by for a dinner Sarah had prepared as proof-of-concept testing for a culinary arts class she has been taking for months now. The food consisted of large, loosely-wrapped spring rolls, and an almost inedibly-spicy green mango salad (where the thin slices of green mango behaved almost like pasta). Gretchen also opened up a jar of kim chi I'd bought at Hannaford some weeks ago and something about the way it was flavored made it taste as if it had been contaminated by gasoline. Nancy and Sarah ended up staying until past 11pm, even watching a segment of the Colbert Report with us. [REDACTED]

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