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Saturday, March 9 2013
Today was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures peaking in the low 50s. I spent most of it working on the website for a tiny publisher who will be publishing Gretchen's book Kind. The publisher is so small that he didn't have a website or all that much experience publishing books of Kind's complexity (it is perfect-bound and includes illustrations as well as poetry). So while Gretchen has been handling negotiations with the print shop that actually prints the book, my assignment has been to build a website. I'd been procrastinating on this for weeks with the excuse that I didn't yet have the content. But now I had the content in the form of several .docx files. So today I put together a site on my localhost, using the hollowed-out shell of another site I'd built as the template. Working this way, most of the work ended up being the cutting and pasting of bits and pieces from the Word documents into my database tool (it's amazing, given all the casting about Microsoft has done in search of increasingly-obscure features to add to the program, that, as of the 2010 version, you still can't drag and drop images from a Word document to a folder; one has to use a program like Photoshop as an intermediary).
I also occasionally worked on the painting that I started yesterday, taking snapshots as I went of my progress.
I'd taken another 120 mg dose of pseudoephedrine, which made my lingering head cold much less of a nuisance. But I was still reliant on a handy roll of toilet paper next to my computer. It's not that I've even been particularly productive in terms of mucous, it's just that it feels very uncomfortable to have even trivial amounts of it loose in my sinuses. And it's not just my conscious mind that feels this way; periodically my body is rocked by sneezes so powerful that they send spasms of pain down into my arms.

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