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   cabin fever on Lake Edward
Tuesday, August 13 2013

location: northwest coast of Lake Edward, Fulton County, New York

Though initial forecasts had called for good (if somewhat cool) weather all this week, I awoke this morning to the sound of rain on our cabin's metal roof (because of the size of the beds and the snuggliness of the dogs, Gretchen and I have mostly been sleeping in separate rooms). The rain would continue mostly unrelentingly for the rest of the day, although at some point in the early afternoon there was a big enough pause in it for us to walk to the dreary Bleecker General Store so Gretchen could get a tea other than the Earl Grey I'd been drinking in the time between coffee and liquor. When she saw that all they had was Lipton Black Tea, she asked the dopey woman running the counter if there were any other options. The woman initially acted like Gretchen had sprouted an extra head, but when Gretchen elaborated that "last year" she'd been able to get green tea, the woman became friendlier and managed to find a box of that somewhere. We returned home via the bushwhack path through the woods, finding a surprisingly-fragrance-free half-eaten skunk along the way.
The rained-out cabin experience is its own delightful thing when on vacation. Some of my fondest memories as a kid are of being in an off-grid house in southwestern Quebec, curled up under my blankets with a musty pile of Mad Magazines while rain pelted the window. That was, of course, before the internet and the emergence of a condition that prevents me from being able to read things that are not written on glowing screens. My chief response to cabin fever today was to spend even moar time planted in front of my computer.

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