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   August 2013

01: serene rainy day - Rediscovering Dr. Steve Brule.
02: anti-funk jihad - Bleach for mold, Dr. Bronner's for puke.
03: eight humans spending the night - Four adults and four kids, at least one of whom has a propensity for scream-crying.
04: Where is my sandwich? - A logistically-complex swimming excursion and an unexpected additional meal.
05: a bear climbs many trees - A walk with friends in the forest scares up a creature with unexpected behavior.
06: the dogs of the Upper West Side - Mostly purebreds, partly because of the proximity of multi-million-dollar brownstones.
07: noisy ad-hoc gear train - I try to find a better way to drive my disco ball. And watching Orange is the New Black.
08: battery acid IPA - Also: learning a programming language known as Lua.
09: the day before the Adirondacks - An unscheduled robot board power supply challenge.
10: first night in fisherman's heaven - Returning to Bleecker, NY, for another week on Lake Edward.
11: Eleanor's reluctant canoe ride - We pick her up at the dock we used last year and paddle to a hiking place across the lake.
12: granite cliffs of Chase Lake - Revisiting a lake we visited before, but going to a bad shoreline.
13: cabin fever on Lake Edward - I actually like a day or two of being rained-out of outdoor activities.
14: loon egg - Also: drinking alone while Gretchen drives to the Catskills and a drunken late-night cruise.
15: taking Lake Edward for granted - Seeing other lakeside real estate, we realize Lake Edward is a special place.
16: hornets and the creek to Woodworth Lake - Exploring northeast of Lake Edward.
17: small talk on low blood sugar - Not having a good time at a Kingston block party.
18: liquor buying on Sunday mornings - Apparently it is still impossible in Kingston, NY. Also: musings on Radio Shack's possibly-restored utility.
19: Pogoplug hell II - I render my second Pogoplug unusable, though only temporarily.
20: Adirondack splinter - Something I cannot get out of my foot.
21: still the Baby lives on - Explosive cat diarrhea in the laboratory.
22: you can buy mirror ball rotators - My improvised solutions have been such a waste of time; I can buy one for $10.
23: Coyote floater - I get a good look at the native American dog.
24: slow on my feet - My feet start out uncomfortable on this cleaning jihad sort of day.
25: not a dog record - Afternoon party at our house.
26: statutes of limitations and observational limitations - How life is not like Breaking Bad.
27: puzzles - The things I most enjoy doing tend to be them.
28: elastic wasteband - I'm 45, and it's a selling point for a pair of short pants.
29: pseudoephedrine food choreography - To properly enjoy choreography, one must know when to eat and when not to eat.
30: Hodor at the pet store - Also, laundry demands resulting from the use of body scents by houseguests.
31: up the Sacandaga - Beginning another week in the Adirondacks, this time on a river instead of a lake.