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Tuesday, August 27 2013
After hours of procrastination, I finally forced myself to do some work, and within an hour I found myself pleasantly engaged in it. When it's going well, web development is one of the most entertaining things I do. At least in the kind of work I do (which usually involves wading through Byzantine libraries and many disparate files of code written in a variety of computer languages), the job consists of a long series of puzzles that have to be solved. Gretchen solves elaborate crossword puzzles just for the fun of it, but I actually get paid to solve the only puzzles I can be bothered to solve. Well, technically that's not completely true, since just about everything I enjoy doing, whether I'm paid for it or not, presents itself as a puzzle. If I liked cooking, perhaps preparing dinner would be a puzzle as well. But I don't and it's not; thinking about preparing a dinner that Gretchen might be happy eating just gives me a headache.

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