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   pseudoephedrine food choreography
Thursday, August 29 2013
For the past few days, great swaths of my time have been consumed by a web development job that I both love and hate. I love the puzzle-solving aspect (as mentioned the other day), but I also find myself raging about how little money I'm earning as I do it. Whenever I feel that way, I'm tempted to crank up the recreational aspects of the work by taking a dose of pseudoephedrine. And so I did today. Pseudoephedrine alters the entire trajectory of a day from beginning to end. Since it's only fun to take on an empty stomach and then it suppresses the appetite for hours afterwards, I have to carefully orchestrate my eating before, during, and after I take it. Typically I eat a big meal in the late morning and then wait at least an hour and a half for the food to move deep into my intestines before taking the pills. After that, I try to hold out on the consumption of anything liquid or solid except black tea and (possibly) water. Eventually, though, I'll start feeling a bit too stimulated and I'll have to drink some sort of alcohol. And from there an appetite for real food gradually emerges, although I've found that food doesn't much effect the trajectory of a pseudoephedrine if it is eaten an hour or more after the pills.

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