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Monday, November 11 2013
In the latest version of the Lightroom plugin I'm building, there has to be a two-way communication between a Lightroom plugin and a web page. The web site is where all the user interaction takes place, but it's all launched by Lightroom, so the web site has to know about things happening in Lightroom, such as what images were selected and what the images are. Lightroom is responsible for FTPing the images up to a web server, compiling a manifest of metadata, and making sure there is a web page open to the site it communicates with. This requires not just constant polling from the plugin, but also polling from Javascript on the web site, with two different message queues to make sure things asked for in one environment happen in the other. It's very complicated, but at this point I have it working fairly well. This is probably all a consequence of the hardening rock in the lower layers of the greenhouse floor excavation project. With diminishing returns in that procrastinatory activity, I find myself turning increasingly to the activity being procrastinated. If the rock were breaking off in big delicious slabs I could barely wrangle out of the hole, it would be far more satisfying for me to be digging. But with rock coming up in bits not much bigger than a golf ball, I find the Byzantine network coding the most entertaining way to spend my time.

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