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Monday, November 25 2013
Checking off items in a list in order to do processing on them is a common thing in web-based applications. But what if the list is so long that it must be paginated? Now you have to store the checked or unchecked state in a database and consult that column when deciding whether or not to do the specified action when it is initiated in bulk. But now you have the problem of deciding when in the process to uncheck the items that have been checked, since the unchecking no longer happens when there is a change of page. I worked all day and stayed up into the wee hours worrying about matters like this as I prepared for a meeting tomorrow. I also started the heating of the basement slab using fossil fuels so the basement would be warm enough to house guests over the Thanksgiving holiday. Gretchen's parents would be arriving tomorrow and her mother cannot tolerate even the slightest chill, something our house usually has plenty of at this time of year.

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