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Saturday, November 23 2013
Neither I nor Gretchen had watched any television during our entire time in Los Angeles. We hadn't even watched any movies on the computer or indeed any video at all besides incidental clips at restaurants, on the set of Jeopardy, or perhaps something short on Youtube. That all changed for me today. After Gretchen drove off to her job at the bookstore, I fixed myself a drink and began watching my various shows, which these days include two devoted to boneheads trying to mine gold and Shark Tank, the show where regular people pitch their business ideas to fabulously wealthy businessmen.
I made several forays to the greenhouse basement to break up rock, including one (illogically enough) after I'd just taken a nice hot bath. That time I was surprised to discover about a half inch of snow covering the ground.
By the way, digging in the greenhouse basement is not as messy as one might think, and so I didn't really think about the fact that I'd just taken a bath when I headed down there to chip up a final bucket or so of bedrock. There are still occasionally seams of clay, and these tend to be muddy and unpleasant to work with. But most of what I remove from the hole is broken up shards of rock, most of it bluestone. The greatest danger when working with this is cutting my fingers on the sharp edges, which I do surprisingly infrequently considering that I work without gloves.

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