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Thursday, April 10 2014 [REDACTED] [REDACTED]
This evening, a vegan couple we know who have a weekend place up in Palenville came over for dinner. Gretchen made some pasta and they brought a whole shitload of booze, including 12 "Resin" beers from the Sixpoint Brewery. It didn't really say what kind of beer Resin was on the can, but it tasted like an Imperial IPA to me. And it was 9.1% alcohol. Those skinny little aluminum cans of beer were good! The dude-half of the couple is a veterinarian and it was his night off, so he was in full-on steam-blowing-off mode. Veterinarians deal with death on a daily basis, so it makes sense that when they unwind they don't hold back. Dude was already drunk before he arrived, and he kept on drinking. I love hanging out with people with that kind of spirit, which is increasingly rare among my age-appropriate peers.
I gave a tour of the greenhouse and then, after dinner, I showed dude the laboratory while the ladies did their lady thing down in the living room. We went up on the deck, and he paged through my copy of Grey's Anatomy, nerding out on the names of various body parts. I then handed him my copy of Medical Pharmacology by Andrés Goth, and he went on to nerd-out on the medications. We smoked the pot, of course, and I know we got fucked up because at some point I encouraged him to play bass while I played guitar. It was great. I haven't had that kind of man-date in a very long time.

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