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   March 2014

01: some cool-down yoghurt - With an odd group of unassertive friends at the new Indian restaurant in Kingston.
02: I really like eggplant - It works on a frozen pizza. Also, fighting the urge to troll on Facebook.
03: frequent bachelorhood staple - Good luck with pre-packaged Indian food.
04: stir fry success - More good luck with cooking in the kitchen in the absence of performance anxiety.
05: pseudoephedrine napping - Sometimes that stimulant makes me sleepy.
06: salvaging small dry pieces of wood - Using a new backpack frame, I further demonstrate the possibility of just-in-time firewood gathering even in fairly adverse conditions.
07: $10 logic analyzer - A cheap Chinese device demonstrates it is up to a rather complicated job.
08: the sheer range of where a song can go - Listening to and watching Babymetal.
09: treacherous river of ice water - The late winter path down to the greenhouse.
10: no hope for coffee from the bank coffee robot - Running errands on an almost springlike day.
11: beautiful springlike day - Snowmelt and a failed attempt at caffeine abstinence.
12: I would gladly give up - ...were it not for a single simple fact. More Meade weather station hell.
13: Gretchen kind of thing - Starting to watch True Detective after feeling caught up work-wise.
14: variety of pill paraphernalia - Waiting for the fulfillment of an Obamacare prescription.
15: copper stash - A small copper object made from 3/4 inch fittings using American quarters for caps.
16: a bit too high - Talking about the sun and the greenhouse, not marijuana.
17: within the reception area - Not straying beyond my pirate radio station while gathering firewood.
18: 87 pounds across slick snow pack - The greatest backpack firewood salvage to date.
19: let alone furry creatures up in the trees - Neil deGrasse Tyson attempts to teach Americans about Darwinian evolution.
20: zero adult supervision - Drinking alone. Also, the vaguely metallic quality that pseudoephedrine gives to the roof of my mouth.
21: cauliflower hot wing wraps - And thinking about Neil deGrasse Tyson stoned.
22: raccoon in altercation - A masked bandit evidently comes in through the pet door.
23: emergency vet raccoon bite - Eleanor was injured by yet another species. And learning about abortions from an abortionist.
24: replacement for the Frankenphones - I can't stand headphones that require a cord, particularly when I am wearing them in the forest.
25: a rationale for distant firewood gathering - Why I've been carrying salvaged firewood home from so deep in the forest. Also: I dunk my Droid cellphone.
26: firewood overunity - A regime for endless firewood security.
27: increasingly-compelling distraction - Alone with my pseudoephedrine for the weekend.
28: unnecessarily retrograde male chauvinism - Watching Naked & Afraid. And perhaps my Photoshop skills are better than I think.
29: detergent rice and random Burmese - Cooking for myself again.
30: winter footwear - Rubber boots when it is snowy but never sneakers.
31: smelled like springtime - Melting snow and and culturally-incoherent wat.