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Sunday, March 16 2014
It was a cold day and the combination of the sun and the woodstove only managed to push living room temperatures into the low 60s. I felt a chill in my body and wanted to be warm all over, the way one gets on a tropical beach, so I went down to the greenhouse upstairs after Sunday morning coffee. Despite the caffeine, the sun lulled me into a drowsy state, and I soon slipped off to sleep, spooning Ramona while Gretchen read on the other end of the couch. Supposedly you can't get a sunburn (or synthesize vitamin D) through glass, but this wasn't a very good test of that theory because for most of the time I was napping, the sun was behind a pair of White Pines. Earlier in the season, the sun is below their canopy and can make it into the greenhouse mostly unimpeded, but we're now in a part of the year where the sun is starting to get a bit too high to effectively heat the place. Once it rises a little higher, it will start to be blocked by the roof overhang, which projects out over the south-facing glass at least 12 inches.

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