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Thursday, March 27 2014
Gretchen drove down to Silver Spring, Maryland today so she could participate in this year's Split This Rock conference. Meanwhile, I took 120 mg of pseudoephedrine and cranked away at some vexing web development issues. Of course, the problem with pseudoephedrine is that it can bring hyperfocus to procrastinatory activities every bit as easily as it can to the tasks being procrastinated. And Facebook has become an increasingly-compelling distraction now that my troll Suzy has insinuated herself so deeply into the libtrolliverse.
One further thing about pseudoephedrine: it makes a hot bath feel really good, and I needed one.
At least the weather is starting to improve; salvaging about 100 pounds of firewood from west of the Farm Road today didn't even require the wearing of gloves.

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