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   I really like eggplant
Sunday, March 2 2014
It was a lazy Sunday, and I continued the ritual of drinking a french press full of coffee even though Gretchen wasn't around. I drank the whole thing all by myself. I did not, however, develop a raging fire in the woodstove. Instead I kept mostly to the laboratory. If the critters wanted to be warm, they could hang out with me there.
I've been trying to ration my consumption of Facebook but it's been difficult. Recently Suzy (my most successful troll ever) has been admitted into a number of fun troll groups, ones that have all the social dynamics of a real human society but without much of the actual downside. Best of all, I can come and go as I choose without any responsibility at all. But Facebook has clearly been engineered to make the societies that can form within it compelling enough to make them addictive. So now I have to force myself to stay the fuck away and not while away my time in repartee with other trolls. The only time I've ever felt this way as a troll was seven years ago when I stumbled into some like-minded trolls who were taking advantage of the lax moderation in an intelligent design web community. [REDACTED]

This evening I sliced up half of my eggplant, fried it up, and used it as a topping on a frozen vegan pizza (to which I also added the not-always-ideal Daiya faux cheese product). This was a great combination. It turns out that I really like eggplant, though of course I almost never eat it because Gretchen cooks most of my food and she fucking hates it. (She also likes to "share" in restaurants, a habit that I have grown to tolerate if not encourage, and this means she discourages me from getting eggplant dishes in restaurants as well.)

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