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Monday, March 31 2014
Temperatures were up in the 50s today, though piles of snow (most of it melted-and-frozen multiple times into something more akin to solidified lava) remained. I decided to get rid of the piles blocking access to the garage, where I might soon be beginning various carpentry projects. After shoveling some of the looser stuff into the garden, i began spreading it out on the driveway itself, where the sun could do the rest of the work. As it melted, it smelled like springtime.
In trying to make some sort of wat that would work on injera, today I bumbled into a surprisingly delicious (though culturally incoherent) recipe. I started with a can of Goya refried beans (the vegan Rancheros kind, not the Chorizo kind) and then added some mushrooms and a dollup of vindaloo paste. That was good, but a later batch containing sautéed red onions and no mushrooms at all was even better. I told Gretchen about this and she was skeptical. She went on to make a more authentic wat based on green beans spiced with real Ethiopian shiro spice, but it wasn't quite as good as the stuff I'd made.

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