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   treacherous river of ice water
Sunday, March 9 2014 [REDACTED]
It's been warmer for the past three days, but it's only been "warm" by the unusual standards of this year. With a high of 40, today was actually somewhat cooler than a normal day at this time of year would be. When the sun came out, it accelerated the melting of the snow pack, making the trail around the north end of the house to the greenhouse a treacherous river of ice water running on a bed of melting ice. This did not keep Gretchen and me from using the greenhouse, where the sun raised the temperature into the low 90s. Gretchen took off most of her clothes and we eventually had to open a window. Joining us on the couch (and also the little dog bed on the floor) were Clarence the cat, Eleanor the dog, and Ramona the dog. Clarence was particularly excited about the greenhouse, as he hasn't been inside it much lately. He still doesn't know how to get into the greenhouse through the pet door but he does know how to get out. (Stripey and the dogs, on the other hand, have no trouble both coming and going through that door.)
In other weather-related news, my laboratory urinal started working again, meaning I'm no longer forced to piss in bottles like some sort of interstate truck driver.

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