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Friday, March 14 2014
Late this afternoon I drove into town to run household errands. Gretchen needed me to pick up an Obamacare-funded prescription of Celexa from Nekos Pharmacy. The insurance information paperwork took longer than expected, so I did what I always do when waiting at a drug store (particularly Nekos): I browsed the aisles to see what is being marketed to the health-problem-having demographic. In the past I've examined the various items of portable furniture designed to help the elderly pass their doo-doo, but today I was over in the vitamin and stool softener section. The display that I found most intriguing was the one featuring a variety of pill paraphernalia. There was a little box with a timer built into it that would chime whenever it was time to eat a pill. And there were at least two different kinds of pill splitting devices. For those who are curious, our Obamacare "silver-grade" insurance made a month's worth of Celexa cost only $2.48.
Over the course of the day, Gretchen and I watched two episodes of True Detective sandwiched on either side of Gretchen's attendance of a poetry reading outside Saugerties. While she was gone, I smoked a dinner of marijuana but didn't actually eat anything. The hunger hit me a little after midnight, when I suddenly had the desire to eat chips and salsa. The salsa was the cheap Hannaford-brand MyEssentials stuff, which I was trying for the first time. (You can never predict whether a salsa will be good or bad, so you have to try them all.) It was pretty good, if a little sweet. It tastes a lot like Pace, a brand I haven't actually bought in years.
I stayed up late building out the trolliverse with a brand new group attached to one of Facebook's most familiar troll hubs. I did this mostly to provide a platform for my troll "Don Mueller," whose voice is pitch-perfect for nearly all occasions. His worldview, based as it is on arcane (though somewhat dated) knowledge of dictators and dinosaurs, produces posts that cut through the bullshit faster than any other I can impersonate.

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