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   beautiful springlike day
Tuesday, March 11 2014
Today we had a beautiful springlike day with temperatures topping out in the 60s and substantial amounts of both sun and snowmelt. It was such a glorious day I attempted to go without my usual dose of caffeine. I was still under the effects of that absence of caffeine (which manifested as more of a general flu-like malaise than any specific malady) when I went down to the greenhouse to sun myself. I ended up falling asleep and then waking up in a caffeineless fog. As beautiful as the day was being, it wasn't enough to propel me to do the things (mostly web development) that I needed to do. So I broke down and began my usual regime of Red Rose black tea. I have to say that just a few hours of abstinence made it feel a bit more like a real drug, and this evening I managed to get some real work done.

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