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Monday, March 10 2014 [REDACTED]
With temperatures in the upper 40s, it felt like spring when I drove into town to run some errands for Gretchen. I had library books to return (Gretchen has become a voracious reader since she began working at the bookstore in Woodstock), a check to put in the bank, and tax information to drop off at our accountant's Uptown office. Usually when I'm at the Mid Hudson Valley Credit Union branch on Hurley Avenue I like to fix myself a cup of coffee from the complimentary coffee robot (a device that extracts reasonably-good cups of coffee from special cartridges). But today there was some old guy standing in front of it, and I knew it was hopeless (and it would have been pathetic) to wait in line behind him. While I was out, I also got the necessary provisions to restock the bottomshelf-only liquor cabinet that I keep in the laboratory.
I took further advantage of the good weather to gather another 73 pounds of just-in-time dead Chestnut Oak from the forest just west of the Farm Road. The snowpack was warm and weak and tended not to support my weight, particularly once I was carrying my load. Despite plenty of recent thawing, it's still too deep to comfortably walk in when it's behaving like this.

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