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Friday, April 25 2014 [REDACTED]
I've been continuing to gather a loud of firewood every day, and yesterday I actually got two loads (one for immediate use and one for the woodshed). Today I managed to gather a load from a short ways down the Stick Trail that was so heavy I couldn't effectively weigh it.
Today and yesterday, I also did further work improving the surface of the mountain goat path that begins behind the woodshed, which has become my preferred route for bringing wood home. It's still a little too steep in one part, but I can use it to bring home any load that I can carry in a backpack, and it feels less dangerous than using the stone steps (what for years was the only way down to the Stick Trail).

Gretchen and I have been watching the television series Fargo, which is based on the mood, locale, and themes of the movie Fargo. As with the movie, the television series is set in a snowy windswept part of Minnesota, and there are assassins (though these are a bit less bungling), ernest policemen and policewomen, and an unlucky and long-suffering protagonist caught between them all. The television show captures a key aspect of the original movie: the delightfully-embarrassing awkwardness of realistic social interactions happening in a culture where nobody ever wants to offend and everyone knows (or thinks they know) everyone else's business. It's a great show, and tonight we saw the second episode. (We'd missed the first one and had had to download it with Bittorrent.)

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