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   the last wood of the heating season
Tuesday, April 29 2014
The weather was cool today (with temperatures maxing out in the low 50s) and predicted to be cooler tommorow (highs in the 40s), so today I salvaged an additional backpack load for the living room to be burned in what remains of the heating season. Based on the long-range forecast (whose accuracy has been surprisingly good right through this unusual winter), tomorrow would be the last day of that season, and I wanted to collect enough wood to ensure the living room would be toasty right through tomorrow's rainy, clammy chill. The loads I carry these days are routinely of the order of 100 pounds each, which is (according to the math I've performed on the ashes I produce) about twice the amount I burn on all but the coldest days. I still need to spend a month weighing everything that goes into the fire to see how accurate my ash-to-wood factor is.
Meanwhile, I've continued to make at least a graphic-cum-text meme each day for African Americans for Cliven Bundy. There's one form of meme for this page that is essentially inexhaustible in its possibilities. I use Adobe Photoshop to graft Cliven Bundy's head onto an African American's body in some old picture from the civil rights movement and a caption it "Does this look like a racist to you?"


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