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Sunday, April 27 2014
Because I didn't salvage any firewood yesterday, today I made myself get two loads of it, the second of which was very heavy. I'm usually too exhausted to weigh the loads when I get to the woodshed, though if I had the scale set up and hanging at a good level with a hook ready to go, I'd probably do it more often. It would be useful data.
Gretchen drove down to the City today to dine with friends and attend a play written by one of her college friends. Normally this would lead me to drink and watch a bunch of teevee. So I fixed myself a boozy drink in the mid-afternoon, but all it did was make me sleepy, and so I wound up taking a massive nap, which in turn pushed all the things that I wanted to do into the late hours. I ended up staying up until 3:00 am working on some vexing programming challenges related to the keywording project I've been doing for the past eight months. An import I'd done into the database was resulting in garbage by the time the AJAX presented it, and I couldn't figure out why (and Google was no help).

This evening I took a break from my work by watching tonight's freshly-downloaded episode of Game of Thrones. As always, I got myself a special beer for the occasion, in this case one of those expensive Sculpin IPAs I'd bought at Beer World yesterday. Sadly, it was a huge disappointment and didn't have any of the grapefruity subtlety I'd remembered it having when fresh from a tap in Echo Park. Evidently all of that is lost by the process of putting it in bottles. Yesterday the beer expert at Beer World had surprised me by saying Sculpin is better when it comes from a can than when it comes out of a bottle, so maybe I need to try it that way (at the time Beer World didn't have any in cans).

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