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   Interrupted Ferns and Columbine
Tuesday, May 13 2014
I went deep into the forest to the southeast twice today, though the amount of wood I salvaged on both missions was both smaller than usual (a little over 70 pounds) and fairly close to home. I brought different cameras on both outings because it seemed like I should capture some of the spring beauty that is about 15% of the reason I live where I do (as opposed to California or Florida).

Interrupted Ferns in the Valley of the Beasts at 41.92294N, 74.102483W. (Click to enlarge.)

Eleanor with the Interrupted Ferns. (Click to enlarge.)

A toad at the bottom of the Valley of the Beasts. (Click to enlarge.)

Columbine at 41.922812N, 74.098964W. (Click to enlarge.)

Ramona with Columbine. (Click to enlarge.)

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