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   a hummingbird and an enormous yellow hornet
Monday, May 26 2014
I spent the night down in the greenhouse upstairs, perhaps with the idea of smoking some more pot and drinking more alcohol, though I didn't do much of either. I awoke with a hangover, but it was mild on the spectrum of how bad hangovers can be. Unusually for my hangovers, it peaked some time this morning and gradually faded throughout the day. This might have been a consequence of the fact that my drinking had begun and ended earlier yesterday than it normally would when I go on a bender.
After she got back from taking the dogs on their morning walk, Gretchen and I celebrated our Sunday coffee ritual a day late. [REDACTED]
It was gorgeous day, sunny and perhaps a little too warm. I found there weren't many flies and I could salvage an 80 pound load of firewood from the nearby forest without too much sweat if I didn't wear any shirt at all.
The warm weather encouraged several flying creatures to come into the house and then experience problems finding their way back out. A hummingbird was bashing itself against a window (which I opened) and then a huge yellow hornet (there have been a lot of these this year) kept banging against the cathedral ceiling above the woodstove, eventually wearing itself out enough that I could coax it onto a wooden sculpture and flick it off the south deck. It was about two inches long and took flight before concluding its parabolic trajectory to the weeds.

Throughout the day, I gradually washed the dishes generated by yesterday's party. Most of our guests had used little transparent plastic cups to drink their wine, and since they all mostly survived the party in good physical shape, I washed them all out and set them aside to dry. This was actually the second party at which this "disposable dinnerware" had been deployed.

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