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   first lawn mowing of 2014
Tuesday, May 20 2014
I mowed the grass for the first time this year; it had to have been the latest first mowing ever. The grass was long, and the Greenworks 120 volt lawn mower struggled a little in places, but it produced a well-mowed lawn in a reasonable amount of time. I think the grass is a little behind where it usually would be at this time of year due to the unusually cold spring.
The 90 pounds of firewood I gathered today was wetter than usual, mostly because it was from a fallen oak that had a relatively small core of solid wood surrounded by a mass of punky rot that had absorbed a lot of water and was like wet toilet paper. That punky stuff doesn't have a lot of fuel density to it, but when it's dry it makes getting a fire going super easy. In the winter when I'm gathering just-in-time firewood, I have to be careful not to gather logs with this punky stuff, since it will contain enough frozen water to seem like sound wood, and it is only once it thaws that its uselessness reveals itself.

Gretchen returned home at around midnight tonight, having participated in another literary event in Manhattan on her way back from Silver Spring, Maryland. She quickly found a quill I'd been unable to remove from the corner of Ramona's mouth, but it was lost in her flesh. We're just going to have to wait for it migrate out through the other side of her lip. [REDACTED]

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