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   May 2014

01: scale diagrams in Adobe Illustrator - It's great to immediately be able to see the size of a rectangle in points as it is being made.
02: mysterious ten inches - When two floors don't prove to be at the elevations that measurements suggest they should be, I have to take into account a slight slope I had been ignoring.
03: Michelob of an IPA - Live folk music at Catskill Mountain Pizza and speculations on the future of pop and underground music.
04: not quite Cinco de Mayo - Coffee on a picnic blanket in the yard and a bike race past the house.
05: some kind of joke - What it takes to replace a headlight bulb on a late-model Honda Civic.
06: firewood compulsion - Beyond a certain point, a project appears to me to use compulsions within my brain to complete itself.
07: a need for landing mounds - Carrying a backpack that is almost impossible to rise to my feet with.
08: first tree frogs of 2014 - Also the first thunder.
09: location within two-dimensional space - How I use a computer and how Windows trifles with it.
10: Unitard - Gretchen reads her poetry yet again, and then we all go to the Stockade Tavern.
11: anti-mouse jihad - Discovering why our burners don't light on our stove. And a glorious bike ride.
12: six diagrams and done - Finishing an unpaid job to document the solar deck and associated framing.
13: Interrupted Ferns and Columbine - Spring plants in the forest.
14: as green as I might be - A cashier at Hannaford asks about my teeshirt.
15: hard oak overheat - I push my awesome battery-powered chainsaw just a little too hard.
16: the salvaging regime is not enough exercise - I'm ten pounds overweight despite my 20 minutes of daily toil.
17: rooting a Droid - It's my phone, now I can do what I want with it.
18: third quilling - This time I don't have to take Ramona to the emergency vet.
19: whose incisors? - I find a pair of what appear to be human incisors (with roots) in the forest.
20: first lawn mowing of 2014 - The latest first mowing ever.
21: new ways to be shocking - Warching Fargo, the television show. Also, the teeth are almost certainly those of a deer.
22: Fookyou Mykrosarft - Dealing with Microsoft to get some much-needed software.
23: people who insist on doing graphic design - Also, a napkin on the seat of my car accusing me of being a whore.
24: a bit too Bob Dylanesque - A benefit tribute at the Bearsville Theatre.
25: elite member tour - Another house party, this time featuring a special elite tour of the greenhouse.
26: a hummingbird and an enormous yellow hornet - Saving flying creatures from the house and washing disposable dinnerware for reuse.
27: distant dumplings - Dinner with friends in Wappingers Falls.
28: potpourri-saturated smellscape - Shopping for bowls and cats, eating falafel, and having a tumor examined.
29: the bitch is dead - Unpleasant computer work and coming across a mountain-biking neighbor in the forest.
30: sandwiches and vodka - Also, a mysterious bump on my head and the difficulty of getting antibiotics even from my doctor friends.
31: the bitch is dead - Unpleasant computer work and coming across a mountain-biking neighbor in the forest.