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Wednesday, May 21 2014
This afternoon I took the dogs down to that terrace (41.91502N, 74.102998W) where I found those mystery incisors the other day. It was surprisingly easy to find the circle of rocks where I'd found the teeth, and, after a little poking around, I determined that the teeth must have fallen out of a piece of old dry coyote shit nearby. Poking around in it, I found it full of bone fragments and wads of greyish hair. There was nothing else at the site except for some old pieces of charcoal indicating the circle of stones had once been used to contain a fire.
I discovered a small forested knoll on the southeast corner of the terrace (centered at 41.914829N, 74.102182W) and there was a well-maintained forest road leading up to it along the sloping ridge leading to it from the south, perhaps connecting it with a house along Canary Hill Road.
On the walk home, it occurred to me that if those teeth I'd found had been human, then the human would have had to have been eaten by a coyote, and it would have happened fairly recently (coyote shit doesn't last more than a few months when exposed to the weather). Surely there would be news reports about a missing person in Hurley. Gradually, though, I realized that those teeth might have actually belonged to a deer. While deer don't have upper incisors, I seem to remember them having incisors in their lower jaws. [A quick Google search confirmed that deer incisors look exactly like the ones I'd found, though they also look a lot like human incisors.]
About three hundred feet shy of the house, I stopped and prepared a load of salvaged firewood to carry home. It weighed a little over 100 pounds.

Tonight Gretchen and I watched another episode of the television series Fargo (inspired by the movie of the same name). There's a comic quality to the show, and part of what makes it fun are the laughs. But today's episode was shockingly full of brutality, cruelty, and burbling rivulets of dark red blood. It's hard to take that kind of thing when your brain is in an "I'm watching a comedy" mode, but it would be fuddy-duddy to object. In order to stay relevant, entertainment must always find new ways to be shocking.

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