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Tuesday, December 16 2014
Deborah sent me an email at around noon today saying her power had cut out for awhile and was now on, but now she had no water. It was sort of an emergency, but all the plumbers she'd called were being vague about when they could respond. So immediately headed over, armed with a channel lock wrench, a pipe wrench, and my trusty digital multimeter. I also brought the dogs, but I'd have to leave them in the car because Deborah was dogsitting Darla & Olive, Susan and David's dogs. They used to get along with Ramona & Eleanor until they no longer did.
At Deborah's house, she showed me to the hole in the backyard where the wellhead and some pipes could be accessed, but there wasn't much I could do there. I asked to see the pressure tank, and as Deborah led me to it, she suddenly realized she'd been looking at the hot water tank instead. There was a little lever on the side of the pressure switch next to the tank that had to be held in a special position for a little while and then the well pump would run. I had it fixed in about thirty seconds. Deborah insisted on paying me anyway, and since she said she'd be billing her landlord, that was okay with me.

Though we'd celebrated Chanukah early this year, we busted out my copper manifold menorah and lit it as though it was day three. Gretchen gave me a bag of lemon-ginger tea (though it turned out that I already had a bunch) and I gave her a $16 bottle of Presidential Port Ruby. She, knowing me, was suspicious that it was a cheap port, and she wasn't really wrong. Still, after pouring herself a glass, she announced that it was "pretty good."

I had surprisingly good luck installing a Hackintosh operating system onto my freshly-painted Core 2 Duo computer today (using a USB-based Yosemite install downloaded via Bittorrent). I managed to boot all the way out to the desktop (featuring a nice background photograph of Half Dome), but unfortunately after rebooting it a second time, it always hung with an endlessly-spinning ball immediately after I typed in my login credentials.

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