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Monday, December 22 2014
Gretchen was feeling shitting this morning from whatever has infected her, though she would manage to power through a day at the bookstore with the help of pseudoephedrine. I took the dogs for their walk this morning and managed to get Eleanor to come along by avoiding the Gullies Trail. She stopped again when I headed down it, so I came back and headed down the main trunk of the Stick Trail instead, and only then did she follow me. She had no problem returning home along the Gullies Trail; whatever has her skeeved out about it is near its north end and she only considers it dangerous when approached from the north.
My recent success at building a Hackintosh, coupled with my discovery that my old Foxconn DigitaLife motherboard is actually working, gave me the idea of perhaps attempting to build a second Hackintosh. After some initial trouble with getting a drive to be recognized, I had pretty good luck getting Yosemite installed. Eventually I ran into a problem where I couldn't login due to an incompatibility with my video card. I tried every possible video card in my collection (including old PCI classic cards), but nothing worked. Indeed, some of the PCI cards were so old that they couldn't even display video at the default dimensions of the 17 inch screen (1280 by 1024). Obviously, more tinkering will be required. Hackintoshing is a tinker-heavy pursuit.
Over a makeshift dinner (I had some leftover Indian chick peas in coconut sauce), Gretchen and I finally watched the Colbert Report's final episode, the one where he flies off in Santa's sleigh to be immortal after, in a final episode of "Cheating Death," he kills Death (or "Grimmy") on a greenscreen stage. Strangely, one of the main figures he meets on the sleigh is Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy, our other big dinnertime television indulgence. And while we'll still have Alex to entertain us with his groan-inducing humor, I don't know what could possibly replace the Report. The Daily Show is a bit too much like a real news program, and the whole point was always to get a little remove from the sadness and horror of the world while we're eating. For the time being I suppose we can continue watching the back catalog of a new comedy show we recently started watching, Getting On, which mines the comedic potential of a nursing home. (Gretchen and I particularly appreciate its abundant scatalogical humor.)

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