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   January 2015

01: up the New River - Visiting Lamanai in Belize.
02: Belize Zoo - Also, surprisingly good food at a restaurant catering to Americans. And swimming in another collapsed cave.
03: forty foot slippery slide - Wild monkeys, another douchey restaurant, and an artificial beach all to ourselves.
04: worst bloody mary - Returning from Belize, I look for a rain-soaked package delivered by UPS.
05: undead LCDs - It's always a risk to buy something a little pricey from China, but today at least it worked.
06: cucumber and porter - Some flavors just do not go with others.
07: cold weather comforts - Decaf, hot stoves, hot baths, and the four mysterious things that need to happen for a bath to be successful.
08: not working at the Goldilocks level - But at least the checks are coming in.
09: exceptional burn rate - A calculation for recently-burned wood.
10: melled like a hangover - More melting of old beer cans.
11: my bag of potions, pills, and medicines - Enough variety of drugs so that they always seem fresh to my biochemistry.
12: I am not a system administrator - But when I play one, the money is good.
13: sunny day greenhouse debugging - I don't have a Time-domain reflectometer but I do have a screwdriver.
14: pot without booze - Though I do try drinking mango juice first.
15: Oscar masters the pet door - It took seven months, but he finally figured it out.
16: very close to slashing open my finger - A not-so good review of Ryobi Infrared Thermometer and App.
17: reward for creation - I allow myself to drink after accomplishing something.
18: rainy hangover - Gretchen drives to work in an ice storm. Also, planning for Gretchen's birthday.
19: many odd little shops - Walking around Uptown Kingston after celebrating Gretchen's 44th birthday.
20: caffeine withdrawal 2015 - A calm in my schedule allows me to fight my caffeine addiction.
21: despite the connotations of Celeron - I make a new media computer based on a Celeron J1900.
22: 55 gallons of ice - A rainwater tank threatens to jack up an eaves of the house on Peak Cold, 2015.
23: forty minute painting - Celebrating David's 50th birthday.
24: marijuana and Wikipedia - The first makes the second even more interesting.
25: use for an incandescent bulb - In some applications, its lack of flicker is a virtue.
26: excited to be hunkering down - Yet another historic storm approaches and Gretchen gets so excited she cooks two meals.
27: ruined hunkering - The blizzard of 2015 drops less than an inch of snow. But the day is a productive one for me.
28: new Mexican option in Kingston - It's there in time for my coming 47th birthday.
29: DeGenerated - What the Ellen DeGeneres show is like these days.
30: defecating in public restrooms - A discussion on a blustery winter evening outside Palenville.
31: inside a cheap MP3 player - It's held together with hot glue. Then I venture yet again into a Radio Shack.