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Wednesday, January 7 2015
It was 14 degrees Fahrenheit late this morning, which isn't especially unseasonable, though coming on the heals of our recent trip to Belize, it qualified as brutal. Gretchen suggested I made a pot of decaf, which is something we reserve for rainy days or semi-special occasions (the sort that can happen twice a week, but not more than that). Though it was miserable outside, I kept things toasty in the living room. The dogs and most of the cats were enjoying the microclimate, occasionally climbing over me as I tried to read articles on my laptop.

That's Ramona the Dog and Clarence the Cat. Click to slightly enlarge.

I had a busy day, with almost no time to goof off, though in the evening I took a hot bath (another thing that's better when the weather is colder). There are four things that need to happen for a bath to be completely successful. See if you can guess what they are.

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