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Tuesday, January 27 2015
The blizzard turned out to be a bust, at least in New York State. It would go on to wreak havoc in New England, particularly Boston, but it didn't even dust us with as much as an inch. Gretchen's day at the literacy center had already been canceled, though there was danger that possibly Gretchen's boss would reconsider closing the literacy center. Our day of planned hunkering was ruined!
But in the end, we hunkered anyway. I made a hot fire in the woodstove and Gretchen made a french press of decaf. After I'd drunk that, I decided to make it a full-on caffeine day for me and proceeded to drink numerous cups of green tea. After drinking the first one, I felt so euphoric and buzzed that I didn't want the feeling to end. I channeled the resulting energy into work on three entirely different web development projects and even painted a small two by two and three quarter inch picture of Oscar the Cat, a creative act that would later earn me the right (under my current self-enforced rules) to drink alcohol, something I managed to do with enough moderation to avoid a hangover.
Throughout the day, I continued the time-lapse photography of that mustard seedling I'd found growing in the greenhouse. Since its growth is not too exciting yet, I made some stop-action things happen against the background behind it using paint and cut up bits of magnetic "support the troops" ribbons dating to the early aughts (back when people would slap them on their SUVs as a very American way of going to war and an infuriated Gretchen would come along later and peel them off). The background of my time-lapse project is the steel shell of a computer case, and it makes for an easy surface for placing magnets.

Today's painting of Oscar.

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