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Thursday, January 8 2015
Supposedly temperatures fell to zero degrees Fahrenheit this morning, but by the time I check it, the figure stood at six. Unlike yesterday, though, at least it as sunny and there was no wind.
My Lightroom/webapp client came over early this afternoon and we had an amiable meeting, mostly focusing on tiny little details of the program. Recently I added some features allowing the plugin (which is written in Lua) to be remotely configured so that it can use different backends and databases and upload catalogs of thumbnails to different FTP servers.
Happily, while he was here, my client delivered a nice four-figure check. My freelance life means that I either have too much work or too little, and rarely am I working at a Goldilocks level. For the time being I have too much, and that looks destined to remain the case well past the end of January. Still, it's nicer being paid and staying occupied than being underfunded and feeling unproductive.

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