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   excited to be hunkering down
Monday, January 26 2015
The weather forecast called for a historic blizzard to blanket the entire northeast (particularly the swath along the coast from New York City to Boston) beneath a thick layer of fluffy wind-driven snow, all of it powered by the latest Weather Channel neologism: bombogenesis. It was predicted to begin as early as 5:00pm tonight, so when Gretchen drove to the bookstore in Woodstock, she took the Subaru. Meanwhile I went out on a small mission into Old Hurley to drop off books at the library and recover a package that couldn't be delivered into our driveway because it had an inch or two of snow on it. It turned out to be a painting of a romantic G-gated canine beach scene painted by our 11 year old nephew in Pittsburgh at one of those learn to paint classes (the kind that included lots of wine and cougars the time we saw it happening in Saratoga Springs, New York).
A little after 4:00pm, Gretchen returned from Woodstock early, all excited for the hunkering down that would attend the coming blizzard. She'd bought some additional last-minute food items, particularly decaf coffee. Already this part of the state had been placed in a state of emergency and the NY Thruway was being closed down. In her excitement for the coming storm, Gretchen prepared more than one meal (mostly as tasks necessary for the online food preparation course she is taking). One of the things she made was homemade udon noodles, but since that would take awhile, she also made a surprisingly delicious meal of roasted vegetables mixed with rice noodles.

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