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   caffeine withdrawal 2015
Tuesday, January 20 2015
For the moment, at least, I felt like my schedule had opened up a enough that I had the luxury to try doing something that is always a good idea: going cold turkey on my caffeine consumption. I knew that initially it would be hard, but there would be benefits: I'd probably have less trouble with insomnia at night (a problem I was in the habit of solving with alcohol until recently), and on the next occasion when I do drink caffeine (inevitably restarting my addiction), it's going to be a great experience.
I started feeling the first symptoms of withdrawal at around 11:00am and by late afternoon I was engulfed in a low-level malaise. My head hurt a little, but my headaches are never bad no matter what causes them. It was more that I felt lethargic, unfocused, and mildly depressed. Eventually I decided to take a nap, which did much to recharge my batteries.
I'd been tracking a FedEx package all day that was supposedly "out of delivery" by the US Post Office (evidently they have some sort of delivery sharing arrangement). But for whatever reason (icy walkways and driveways from Sunday's ice storm I suspect), the mail never arrived today. But then this evening, after I awoke from my nap at around 7:30pm, I checked the tracking page to see what it would say for a delivery that had been "out for delivery" on a truck that never actually completed its route. To my surprise, the page said that the package had been delivered. So out I went to look for it. I soon found it strapped by rubber bands to the top of the mailbox. The parcel contained a motherboard, and I expected it to be in a substantial box, but evidently because it was a Mini-ITX motherboard, the box could be small enough to attach to a mailbox that way.

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